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TreeTreetes, also known as Tree Tree, is an emerging artist whose journey began with her graduation from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA (Hons) in Art & Design in Education in 2015.

As a newcomer to Canada’s artistic scene, she eagerly embraces opportuni- ties for growth and development, including her participation as a mentee in the Foundation Mentorship Program 2023-2024 by MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art) in Winnipeg.

With a career spanning back to 2002, TreeTreetes has established herself in the design and illustration field, with her earlier works appearing in prestigious publications such as Sing Tao Daily, The Standard, A Plus Magazine, and more. Notably, she collaborated as a crossover artist with Visit Britain in 2011 and contributed as the watercolor illustrator for the ecological map "The Ma Shi Po's Ecological Map" published in 2014.

Throughout her career, TreeTreetes has exhibited her art in various exhibitions, including "After Work" (2004), "My Dish" (2010), "Trash to Live" (2010), "Street Art Movement" (2012), "Hollywood Road" (2013), "Art Jam Music Show" (2018), and "Art Art Tum Tum Limit Music X Art Exhibition" (2019). Additionally, she held her first solo exhibition titled "To My Dear Friends" in 2010, followed by "Old School Game" in 2012.

As a Professional Member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators, TreeTreetes's artistic journey is characterized by a commitment to storytelling and a passion for experimentation. Through her work, she strives to evoke emotion, spark conversation, and invite viewers to explore the world through her unique perspective.

Founder of HKID gallery | D-Barn | Studio Espresso
Co-Founder of Playground | LadyGreedy | JETS works

Board Member of Winnipeg Fine Art Fair 2024-2025

Juried Member of Manitoba Society of Artists
Professional Member of Hong Kong Society of Illustrators

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